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There are many societies and associations in Australasia representing various groups at local, national and international levels. In Australia alone, there are dozens of groups representing various fields of clinical pathology, medical research and educational institutions (see Links page for some of them).
Many professionals at some time in their career join one or more of these organisations, in their own fields and specialties, and at levels from local to international. Some see the current plethora and diversity of interest groups as an impediment to unity within the industry. The ACMSR sees them however as a natural development and indeed necessity for the continued growth and advancement of medical science. The ACMSR therefore promotes the growth of special interest groups, and better communication between them through cross membership, shared meetings and development of associations.

The ACMSR seeks to work with all societies and organisations interested in the growth of this network. 
One simple way the ACMSR can assist is by providing pages on this website for special interest groups large and small to advertise and organise their activities. This may include information about their organisation, events, membership recruitment,  including links to their own dedicated websites where they exist. Through communication in this way the plethora becomes more comprehensible and accessible. 

For more information on this service contact the ACMSR secretary.